Posted by: Julie | May 31, 2008

My inspiration….

Growing up with an artist for a father I was always surrounded by art. I enjoyed playing around in my dad’s studio as a child, and always loved drawing. As I grew older, and got busier with adult life, I drifted away from that world. After finding out my father was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, I have done a lot of re-evaluating and thinking about what is really important in life.

I realized that I was missing something. I was missing the joy of creating. For the past few months I have been rediscovering how fulfilling it is to create something. I feel I am now on a wonderful journey, and I’m excited to see where it will take me.

I feel it is only fitting to dedicate my first blog post to my father ~ my first art teacher, and my creative inspiration. This painting is one of favourite pieces of his. It’s proudly hanging in my living room.



  1. May your father have a complete and total healing. That is my prayer. My mother is an oil painter and grew up surrounded by art supplies and paintings, like you did. You’re very talented.

    Sunny Bower

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