Posted by: Julie | June 6, 2008

My First Sale!

I’ve finally started to show my work to other people besides my family. I started by painting handmade cards for friends, whenever the occasion called for it. One of my cards was shown to someone who asked me to do some custom work for her. So, I showed her some of the work I had been working on, and she liked them. She ended up buying FIVE pieces! Since she picked out her pieces before I added the paint, she asked if I could put some birds in them.

Below was the original card that sparked my first sale. It was made for a friend of mine, and was given to her at her baby shower. It’s called “And Then They Were Three”. I was over visiting her today, and noticed she actually framed it and hung it up in her nursery!



  1. I love all of these tree pieces, Julie, and I’m not surprised that people are starting to ask you for custom pieces. There’s a beautiful folk art quality and a freedom about your work that I love. I also enjoy how clever some of the titles are as well. All the best my talented friend.


  2. I love your style!

    I’d like to learn how to make glass art pendents.

    I will return to your blog to see what new paintings you do for your Etsy shop.

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