Posted by: Julie | July 28, 2008

I Got My Pika Package!

One of my most favourite blogs (Pikaland: The Illustrated Life) likes to spotlight talented artists. The author of the blog also puts together “Pikapackages”. Artists send in samples of their work, and these are put into packages that you can purchase. The packages are put together randomly, so you don’t really know what you are going to get in yours. Seeing as I really liked most of July’s participants (which are featured on the Pikaland blog so you can check out what they sent in), I figured I’d buy one. It arrived a few days ago, so I thought I’d share what I got! I’m happy with it.

Items in my package:

  • Retro Flowers Limited Edition Print ~ junecraft
  • Team International Dumpling Button Set ~ Stockton and Co.
  • Le Solitaire Journal – Limited Edition, also a bookmark and fabric sample ~ fric_de_mentol
  • Beauty Is… Photographic Print, and How I Got My Stutter Postcard ~ Madelaine


  1. Hi Julie,

    I’m so glad you liked your package! Thanks again for lovely shoutout. :)


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