Posted by: Julie | August 14, 2008

Cat in a Box

One day while doing some cleaning, I left this blue rubber box on the ground. Harry climbed on in and loves playing with his toys in it, napping in it, and just plain surveying his kingdom in it. I don’t have the heart to put it away.

What is it about a small place that cats like to curl up in? Harry has his own chair that he always sleeps in. You can see the corner of it in the picture. But this chair has now been replaced by a simple plastic box. Seeing as how he has fallen in love with the box I have been debating on whether to splurge on a neat pimped out cozy cat bed for him. Etsy has some really cool sellers who make some neat beds.

A few of my favourites are shown below: angelcatbeds , allingwelsh , ChubbyTrubby , likekittysville , natdesigns2003 , sodaxpopxpup

But, much like children who prefer to play with the box the toy came in, will Harry be willing to give up his treasured blue plastic box?



  1. Julie, thanks for including one of my beds in your favorites! Harry is an absolutely adorable young man…quite handsome!

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