Posted by: Julie | August 28, 2008

New Computer!

I’ve been having crazy computer issues the past few weeks.  Seems like my PC got infected by a bazillion and one nasty viruses.   Seeing as it was 8 years old, and I couldn’t get rid of the nasty bugs no matter what I tried, I decided to buy a new computer.  For the longest time I’ve contemplated getting a Mac.  So, when I could no longer seem to upload any photos, or pull up any of my favourite websites (my own included!!), or get my email running, I bit the bullet.  


I bought myself a beautiful iMac.   I am in love.  I will never go back to using a PC again.  It’s so sleek and pretty. That’s such a girly thing to say, but it’s so true. It wasn’t hard to learn a new operating system either, although there are A LOT of fancy bells and whistles that I still need to learn.  That’ll come with time.  Plus, it’s so FAST! So, now I’m back on my feet (computer wise) and hopefully I can get back into a routine and start making more regular posts on this poor neglected blog.



  1. I am so jealous !!! A MAC !!! have fun with it — I am sure that you will find it invaluable for your new venture–congrats !!! Your art work is AWESOME !!

  2. Thank you Ingrid! I love my new computer. Jan and Laurie are going to have to show me the ropes I think, since they are pros. :)

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