Posted by: Julie | December 2, 2008

Finally Made the Front Page of Etsy. TWICE!

Having an item appear on the front page of Etsy is sort of a big deal.  It gets your store seen by a lot of people who might not be aware of your products.  I’ve been on Etsy for 5 months now, and have not been picked to be on the front page – until today.  Today it turns out that something from my shop was featured TWICE!   Wow.  Here are the screenshots:


The first has my black and white birch tree pendant featured, and the second has my watercolor painting of birch trees called “Everything Was Silent”.  Yes, I do draw a lot of birch trees, which are my one of my most favourite things to draw.  Glad other people seem to like them too.

Now, this hasn’t really translated into any sales yet but I have had a LOT more views and “hearts” (kind of like bookmarks on Etsy) on my items.  So hopefully I’ll see some sales out of this.


Edited to add:  Yay!  Another front page the very next day.  Surprise, surprise it’s another one of my birch tree pendants.  :)



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